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The Mini Express is a company that specializes in the rentals of trackless trains; all of our units are 100% electrical, our units are uniquely handcrafted and are second to none on detail and craftsmanship. We have many of our units operating in major shopping malls in California and Arizona. We cater to birthday parties, festivals, and any private or public event where big crowds are expected. We service Orange County, parts of Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire.Our team will try to inform our readers of the latest news on the kids rental industry, safety news, and new concepts and ideas that benefit's our industry. For the latest pictures and videos visit our website at


Combined your party planning with a trackless train rental.

Ah, what to do to entertain your guests at your child’s birthday party??  This question has been asked by moms and dads everywhere.  Most likely, you will have guests of all ages. Your guests list may include; grandparents, parents, children and infants.  The Mini Express can help!  Our trains are are huge crowd pleasers and they can accommodate all your guests. Once the train arrives, you can expect all of your guests to be happy and anxiously waiting to get their turn to ride.  Of course, the Mini Express will be the highlight of all your activities but you should still have other things planned.   Some of the classic children’s party activities include; Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Water Balloon Toss, Musical Chairs and Bingo just to name a few.  Make sure all of your young guests are present when you begin your activities so that they can participate.  Also, It is the norm for the activity winners to get a price.  Make sure your prices are gender neutral.  Be on the safe side  and have a couple extra just in case.  You may be wondering..Among all these activities, when is the best time to have the Mini Express? We recommend the Mini Express attraction towards the middle of your event, after everyone is done eating and perhaps a few activities in.  This way you can ensure even your later comers will enjoy a ride.
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Planning your kids birthday party always pays off.

Birthday celebrations can be a very stressful endeavor even
for the best party planner out there.
Here are some helpful hints to make planning easier and to help you keep
your sanity. 

Come up with a theme and run with it.

Theme is the first and most important decision you must

make. You can make a party as simple or as complicated and elaborate as you
wish.  Your theme doesn’t necessary have
to be a character.  It can be something
as simple as a color scheme or something as extravagant as a complete immersive
environment.  For simple themes, it’s
important that once you’ve decided on a theme you incorporate it with small
touches in everything you can.  For
example, if you choose the colors blue and red as your “theme”, you want to
make sure your invitations, tablecloth, napkins, plates, glassware, balloons,
centerpieces and even cake pull in those colors.   Small
and subtle touches in everything you organize will give you a look that is both
“themed” and beautiful.

Your party theme should be selected months in advanced.  You want to make sure you include your theme

in your invitations as they will set the mood for the entire party.  It’s nice for your guests to know beforehand
what your party will be about.  Many
folks rely on the invitation to get a clue on gifts for the birthday person.

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Happy planning! 

Planning and celebrating your kid’s birthday party with a trackless train.

Hi Ya Folks! The Mini Express here reminding you to have a safe birthday celebration.
When planning your birthday celebration make sure you only hire entertainment that you know is insured.  Hire only from reputable companies such as the ours, who will remember just how important these occasions are to you.  Companies who understand their customers needs will service them accordingly. Here at the Mini Express safety and your needs take top priority.
To ensure our trains are up to standard, we service all of our trains on a regular basis.  In addition, each train is properly inspected after and before each use.  During the celebration, our train conductors will take the time to make sure  all doors are properly locked and secured and that all passengers are seated before departure.
Our staff is committed to providing the best possible customer service and safety is our number one concern.  All of our train conductors must adhere to the highest level of safety while operating the Mini Express.  Our training reinforces this time and time again.
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Is your kid crazy about Thomas the train?

Need help with ideas for your next birthday party or special celebration?? There is no better way to celebrate than to have a trackless train from The Mini Express!!
The  Mini Express is a unique attraction that is inexpensive and very practical to hire. We will come to your venue and take you and all of your guests on train rides. We have different packages available to meet your event requirements.  Our packages can include 1,2,or 3 hour of train time. The amount of hours that you will need really depends on the number of guests, activities you have planned and the length of your event. The rule of thumb is 1 hour per every 15 guests.
The Mini Express will transform your party and will leave you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime. Get the camera ready because you will want to capture the expression on your guests’ face when they see the Mini Express for the very first time.
Dont forget to compliment your party with piñatas and party supplies. visit  for the latest supplies.
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